How to Market Yourself

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This paper examines different ways to determine how to decide your role in business.

This paper looks at the issue of marketing yourself in the business world. The author looks at some historical figures who had unusual ideas and made them work. The author looks at some of the basic ideas for marketing a new business, and applies them to marketing oneself. The concept of an entrepreneur is examined in detail. The author examines several different definitions of an entrepreneur. Also examined are the different character traits of entrepreneurs and their motivating factors for going into business.
“The person who can handle the kind of risks involved in entrepreneurial enterprises is usually an individual who is able to understand on a very fundamental level that the worst thing that can happen is that the venture will fail. This requires the ability to separate anxiety over a particular business decision from feelings of personal failure. A good parent criticizes the improper or inappropriate actions of a child, not the child him- or herself, and the entrepreneur has internalized a similar message. The successful entrepreneur recognizes that even though a particular business choice may fail (or even an entire venture may fail) this does not mean the person himself or herself is a failure.”

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