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A detailed look at a system of distribution of goods and services kown as franchising.

A look at franchising (systems for distribution of goods and services). The author defines what it is, gives a brief overview of its history, examines its advantages and disadvantages and looks at the role that it plays in small businesses.
“The role of franchising has been very important to many economies through the last two decades. In the UK it is a big business and has been steadily growth in the last few years. Because in its entirely it has been helping small business development with high chances of succeed. As this essay has the purpose to show in broadly view the role of franchising bearing small business I have divided it into four sections. Firstly, I will be writing about definition, history and up and downsides of taking up a franchise. The second part is about the financial issues in franchising. The third section will approach the meaning and the role of small business. Finally, in the last part I will show up how franchising was worthy to The Subway, a sandwich and salad Restaurant Company. All the aims in this essay have the objective to clarify how franchising can help small firms? development.”

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