Creating a Worker-Friendly Environment

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Methods an employer can use to make a job more suitable in helping the employee with their personal lives.

An examination of how the workplace has changed throughout the years due to the economic and social developments. This paper looks at how the changes of the workplace in terms of work satisfaction have become a huge issue for many employees. In trying to find that balance of appreciation and motivation, many employers are beginning to see that implementing programs that can help the employee with their personal lives are very critical to the well being of the employee. This paper examines these methods which are proving to be an effective tool to both increase productively and create a more worker friendly atmosphere.
“Many American workers are currently struggling to find a way to balance the needs of their personal lives while also raising their children, caring for elderly parents, running a household and fulfilling their professional obligations. Employees are making demands for an improved balance between their professional and personal needs. They are now more willing to forgo perks, salary and job security in return for more spare time for family, friends and personal needs. They are rebelling against the corporate culture that invades their personal time, by requiring them to work long hours and weekends just to help their companies’ profit margin grow. Companies are recognizing that in order to retain their employees they needs to offer them a company culture that embodies strong work life principles into their structure. Ingredients that are used to build an effective work structure that embraces that principle include; flextime, child and elder care assistance, telecommuting and other perks that help employees in their personal lives.”

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