Business Profitability

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An analysis of why companies should not concentrate solely on profit in order to make a profit.

This paper explains that while capitalism is grounded in the concept of free enterprise, free enterprise must not remain unchecked. Paradoxically, a company will profit more by concerning itself with morality and not just self-interest. The paper uses the tobacco company Philip Morris as a case study, and cites Goffee and Jones’ concept of the networked organization as a way of increasing productivity.
`Paradoxically, the efforts of the company to stop people from consuming its product are an attempt to encourage individuals to view the company in a more positive light. Even the company’s acquisition of Nabisco snack products was originally considered to be an attempt to deflect attention from the main source of its profits. These products have also contributed to a major source of the company’s wealth and provide a public relations bonus. The company’s profits increase, yet the image always remains of the company’s attempts to deflect attention from its main product.`

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