Toxic Effects of Acid Rain on Fish

Biology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the increasing harm that acid rain causes to fish and other aquatic wildlife, and how this problem is caused.

“Acid rain is a major problem facing the environment today. It is formed through both natural and Anthropogenic sources. Industrial emissions are Anthropogenic sources, and a volcano eruption is an example of a natural source. One of the most direct effects of acid rain is on aquatic ecosystems. Among the variety of organisms in aquatic systems effected by acid rain are fish. Acid rain has many toxic effects on fish leading to decrease in their presence, diversity, abundance and well being. “Biological observations of damaged fish communities in acid waters show that the number of species is less than expected, that the structure of population is anomalous, and productivity and yield are reduced”(Howells, 1995). Acid rain is not a new problem. It’s effects have been observed for centuries. `As industrialization of Europe developed, other observers in England, Sweden, Austria and Germany confirmed the `poisonous` nature smoke emissions from various activities`(Howells, 1995). It was a major problem in industrialized cities as far back as the 1800s. ”

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