Sea Lions

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This paper presents a brief overview of the California sea lion as it fares in both captivity and in the wild.

This paper examines the species of seals, Otariidae, called sea lions. The author specifically discusses the sea lions that inhabit Californian shores. The paper describes their appearances, characteristics, their prey, and how they interact with humans. The author also discusses their mating rituals, and how sea lions were greatly affected by El Nino, and other dangers they face in nature.
“Successful sea lion mating lead to small litters of sea lion pups born after a gestation period of 12 months, are brown. Most pups are born in June or July and weigh 13-20 lbs amazingly small considering the size that they will attain as mature adults. They nurse for at least half a year and sometimes over a year. Mothers recognize pups on crowded rookeries through smell, sight, and vocalizations, and pups use these same clues to recognize their mothers, who will breed again a few weeks after birth. Males patrol territories and bark almost continuously during the breeding season helping to maintain their social standing (if they have a high social status and hoping to disrupt the social order if they have a low status.”

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