Genetic Engineering

Biology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Use in agriculture, methods used. Example of genetically engineered rice.

“Genetic engineering is being used more and more in agriculture to produce plants which are resistant to disease and thus increase crop yields. This research paper will examine methods used to produce transgenic plants and an experiment which produced genetically engineered rice with resistance to sheath blight.

“Transgenic plants are produced for three major reasons. (Glick and Pasternack, 1998, p. 427). Firstly, transgenic plants often improve crop yields by inducing resistance to pests and other factors which affect the yield, or improving the ornamental value of plants by developing new colors, or strains resistance to certain climactic conditions. Secondly, transgenic plants can be used to produce medically and commercial important proteins and metabolites in large amounts under…”

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