Evolution with Natural Selection

Biology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A paper which explores the most advanced evolution theory –natural selection.

The paper studies the history of natural selection, a process which takes place when individuals who are better developed than others in the species pass their genes on to their offspring. The paper explores how the theory was proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in 1858 and discusses the main ideas relating to the theory.
“Natural Selection can occur is every species on the planet. Every thing in and around the world is somewhat is affected by it. Natural selection is the most advanced theory in evolution. Through time Natural selection has a big influence on all species. Through natural selection species are always adapting to the environment. It is like a domino effect. If the environment changes species adapt. The environment does not have to change for species to come more compatible with the environment. Species will always become better adapted to the surrounding area. They are always adapting to better fit their life, and make is easier for them to live. The process takes place when an individual who is better developed then others in the species pass their genes to their offspring. Offspring that evolve from the better parent’s gene will also become more developed making the next generation even better adapted for the pacific environment. In turn the species 100 generations from now will be much different then present generations.”

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