Development of Eugenics Movement

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Background; role of science & Darwin’s theories. Ethical issues & negative aspects of using genetics to produce better people. Dangers of manipulating human genes. Nazi experiments. Human Genome Project.

The eugenics movement started at the end of the nineteenth century with the application of scientific methods to human behavior and even to then human organism itself. Eugenics is the study of human genetics and of methods to improve inherited characteristics, physical both and mental, of the race. Eugenicists analyze human beings to see what characteristics are to be promoted and what characteristics are to be eliminated and then encourage breeding accordingly. In terms of the evolution of society at large, social Darwinism refers to a kind of social eugenics. Critics from the first insist that human beings cannot be treated as animals and that neither human behavior nor human evolution can be reduced to such simplistic ideas about improving the stock. While eugenics in its early forms has…

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