The History of NASA

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A discussion of the history of NASA and its current status.

This paper discusses the history of NASA from its beginnings and the political framework surrounding its genesis and the beginnings of the Space Race.
“Since the beginning of time, man has been an avid explorer. From exploring his nearby surroundings to traveling to the other side of the world to journeying to the stars, man has been on the move constantly. Mankind is a species of risk takers and curious about all that surrounds him. Before man’s decision to fly to the stars, one of the biggest eras of exploration was the navigation and exploration of the seas and the inner continents they found themselves upon. Through all of the explorations, it has taken the political and financial backing of the many nations that supported these explorers. And what was the purpose of these explorations beyond curiosity? It seems that the political will of the nations encouraged these explorers to discover and conquer faster than the next nation. It was and still is a matter of national pride; more often than not, it was also a matter of national security, whether real or imagined. The history of NASA reflects this ideal; that exploration isn’t always done just for the sake of discovery.”

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