China’s Population Policy

Asian Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A critical review of China’s one child per family population policy with emphasis on its achievements and downfalls.

This is a research and critical review of China’s one child population policy. It delves into the nature of the policy, the reasons for its implementation, the benefits and draw backs of the policy and whether it has been successful or not. The author looks at the problems with the policy with special reference to the way it effects society and proposes alternatives and solutions to the policy.
The Chinese population policy is approaching its silver anniversary and the contentious nature of the strategy remains. Without question the one child per family policy has changed China’s demographic landscape, but many individuals still question the success and ethical nature of the implementation. These strategies have also caused new problems that the country must address. Numerous people wonder if the positive decline of population growth can offset the negative effects of the policy.

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