China’s Force Approach to Population Control

Asian Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The problems with China’s One-Child Population Control Policy, including an analysis of the human rights violations involved.

`As overpopulation in the 20th century has been threatening the survival and development of China, especially since the `baby boomers` born in the 1960s reaching child-bearing ages in the late 1970s, the Chinese government has tried to curb the exponential growth of its population in the fear of economic collapse and the arrival of famine by enforcing Family Planning programs such as mandatory sterilization, a one-child per family policy, and force abortion. The Chinese government hopes to control the overpopulation dilemma, which will hopefully stabilize the economy and ensure the citizens a better quality of life. But, in actuality, unlike what the Chinese government may expect, the result of Family Planning Policies causes human tragedy in the rural regions. By Human Tragedy, I mean that the Chinese Government disregards the horrendous human rights violation in the rural regions. The concept of Family Planning Policy is a good idea for declining the overpopulation, but on the other hand, the way people implement the policy may be against human rights. The Chinese government should now focus on the human tragedy which is caused by their policies and which can be solved by more open deliberations?`.”

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