Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party, and Feminism

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A look at one of the most influential feminists in the liberation movement, especially from an aesthetic standpoint, Judy Chicago.

This paper discusses the life and art of Judy Chicago and her struggle to help women break out in the art world, and a detailed look at her work, “The Dinner Party,” and its sexual and feminist meanings.

Awakening of Feminism
The Role of Judy Chicago in Feminism
The Role of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party in Feminism
The Dinner Party
Judy Chicago and her Dinner Party bears some significant historical meaning for the world of feminism, the world of art history, and the world that ordinary people like you and me live. In contrast to the modernists/modernism and abstract expressionists/abstract expressionism that require artwork to be a production from solitary beings, Chicago used a total of 400 or so collective powers to constitute her piece of history. In contrast to the passive roles of feminine figures in the history of art, Chicago not only accepted the female figures but also blatantly integrated the female genitals into The Dinner Party.

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