How to Weave

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This paper looks at the art of weaving.

This paper describes the process involved in weaving a piece of fabric. The paper explains that weaving is simply the production of fabric by interlacing two sets of yarns so that they cross each other, normally at right angles, usually by using a hand- or power-operated loom.
“This series of steps provides the instruction of how to weave a basic pattern. It is assumed before one begins the following steps that one already knows how to weave and that one already has a loom. It is also assumed that other requisite skills and abilities are in place. For example, most people will have to drive to a store to buy yarn, although some may take a bus and some may walk. It is assumed that such skills are possessed by the person and also that the person understands how to purchase commodities with money and how to communicate in the language of the country with shopkeepers and similar essential but for the strict purposes of this project ancillary skills.”

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