Anti-Form and Robert Morris

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This paper discusses the ideology of post-minimalism, the essence of which is the creation of anti-form.

“In his article “Anti-form” Robert Morris, discusses the ideology of post-minimalism. The essence of post-minimalism is the creation of anti-form. Anti-form is the breakdown of the gestalt; geometrical shapes that the mind holds and relates the preconceived shapes to what it is physically visual. Morris suggests that there are no meanings behind the works. He contends that to create a work of anti-form, the artist can not have any references of dualism because any premeditation of the development of a work counters the meaning of anti-gestalt pieces. Anti-form pieces also incorporate the physical properties of the medium that is used. They display the tautological properties of the materials that are used. These aspects dissociate the piece from both allusion and illusion and a pure object is formed. In order for a true work of anti-form to be created neither emotive nor allusive qualities can be present and all reference of dualism is absolved. ”

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