St. Maria della Salute

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A look at the unique history and architecture of the Church Santa Maria della Salute.

This paper provides an overall history of the Church Santa Maria della Salute and explores its history and significance. It begins with an explanation why the Church was built following the bubonic plague and describes how it is still a source of inspiration to the citizens of Venice. It discuss unique architectural features of the church and provides a brief biography of the architect Baldassare Longhena.
“Anyone who has ever been to Venice – and indeed perhaps even anyone who has merely dreamed of going to Venice – will know the huge baroque church of Santa Maria della Salute. It is architecturally one of the most and probably the most important religious building in the city. It’s distinctive shape, visible form all over the city, has greeted both visitors and natives since it was erected in the 17th century as an attempt to appease the heavens. This paper examines both the architectural and artistic significance of this building.”

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