Ancient Roman Architecture

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A paper which studies the influences of ancient Roman architecture on modern architectural designs.

The paper shows that ancient Roman architects implemented the elements of space, symmetry and construction with exceptional innovative skill. Although their most notable achievements, the arch and vault construction, was first conceived by the Etruscans and had a profound influence on Roman architectural style and design, the paper shows that the innovations made by the Romans were still tremendously substantial and distinct.
“Another revolution can be seen in the Roman network of roads. The Romans were the first civilization to make well-designed roads. Around the time of Augustus the major roads were constructed to keep the incredibly large empire linked to avoid collapse. The Romans contributed a number of things to the basic idea of roads, such as archways, city streets, and arch bridges. This greatly increased the ability to build because of the way the roads were laid out. The roads allowed the Roman Empire to expand Rome in every direction; hence the saying “All roads lead to Rome”. In fact, they were so abundant and well constructed that many of them still exist today as memorable landmarks today.”

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