Review of People From Our Side

Anthropology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the life story of Peter Pitseolak, a native Eskimo.

People from Our Side? is a wonderfully accurate representation of the Inuit lifestyle in the mid to early 1900?s. It is the life story of Peter Pitseolak, told by Peter Pitseolak, native Eskimo of Baffin Island. To fully understand the ways of the Inuit people the culture area must be considered along with specific characteristics associated with that culture. Next, I will summarize the story according to how the book is divided into 3-sub stories following Peter Pitseolak?s life. I will also discuss how the author treats the subject as opposed to how a non-indigenous author might treat the same subject. I will conclude with giving my personal review of the book and provide possible insights that can be gained from this book.

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