Britain’s Youth Culture

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The following paper discusses how British youth made its marks on the culture and society of the 1950’s and 60’s.

The following paper examines how British youth changed the face of modern Britain completely. Issues of women’s liberation, fashion revolutions, pirate radios and standard of living are discussed
`This was a grey time, with British youth consoling themselves with their dreams, and with pale imitations of the delights and images which they saw on the big screen of life for kids in America. These young Americans would be driving their Chevvies, wearing the latest, smartest clothes, having fun and spending money like it was going out of fashion. The British youths could also hear the latest wild and ‘exotic’ Rock ‘N Roll sounds coming from the States. British teens did not have the spending power of their counterparts – certainly not the vast choice that was available to American youngsters.`

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