Afghan Women Under the Taliban

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A look at the treatment and conditions of women in Afghanistan.

An investigation of women’s rights in Afghanistan. The author examines the rules and laws that women must abide by concerning work, travel and education, punishment and specific difficulties that they encounter such as health care. The paper provides a look at some personal stories.


I. Introduction
A. Who are the Taliban?
B. Life Before the Taliban

II. Rules
A. May not work
B. Ban on education
C. Travel
D. Contact with males
E. Hiding in home
F. Dress
G. Bathing
III. Punishment
Death for traveling with man not her mahram
Whipping, beating and verbal abuse of women not clothed in accordance with Taliban rules, or of women unaccompanied by a mahram, for having non-covered ankles.
Women have been shot at for leaving their homes without a male escort to receive medical care.
IV. Specific difficulties
A. Employment
B. Health care
V. Personal stories
VI. Conclusion

`The plight of women in Afghanistan has received much media attention since the start of the United States war on terrorism. This war has focused on Afghanistan because the Taliban government allowed their country to be used as a safe haven by terrorists. While the women of Afghanistan have lived under restrictions unfamiliar to many women living in Western countries, since the Taliban took control of the majority of Afghanistan in 1996, they have been subjected to a series of rules and punishments unprecedented in any other country of the world.`

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