Why We Can’t Wait by Martin Luther King

African-American Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Critical analysis of 1964 work on nonviolent civil disobedience as spiritual & practical ethos of civil rights movement.

The purpose of this research is to examine Why We Can’t Wait by Martin Luther King, Jr. The plan of the research will be to set forth the historical context in which the book needs to be read, and then to discuss how King’s analysis structured a philosophy of social change, as well as how the landscape of social activism appears to have shifted since the time of King’s leadership.

As a historical document, Why We Can’t Wait is a status report on the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, an attempt to take stock of how far the movement had come since its modern inception in the American South in the late 1950s and an apologia for the persistence activism in the service of far-reaching social change. It is meant to explain the rationale for the form that the civil rights protest movement has taken…

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