The Narrative

African-American Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An examination of slave trade from the novel “The Narrative” by Fredrick Douglass.

This paper looks at “The Narrative” by Fredrick Douglass about slave trade. The author analyzes the descriptions used by the writer to describe the type of treatment and conditions that slaves endured.
“Frederick Douglas has mentioned that there are many slave-owners who are evil and abusive to slaves. He pointed out that some owners have sexual relations with their slaves. And when they have offspring they sell them off so as to the relations livable at home. Douglass mentions that these children are a constant reminder of their father’s indiscretions. And the master is forever wanting to beat them to death just to prove a point. I can see why this state of affairs would necessitate sending a slave away, but I don’t feel that this business should go on in the first place. Slave owners shouldn’t’t have such relations with their slaves.”

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