Slavery in the United States

African-American Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The following paper examines the issue of slavery, with a focus on its origins, as well as its current existence in the United States.

This paper explores how legal inequality and the wholesale annihilation of African-American rights has gone underground, but hasn’t disappeared. The author claims that it has changed from being institutionalized in law to being surreptitiously enforced in a thousand societal ways, but is still present.
It was not new when the founding fathers of America met together to create our constitution, nor when they first set their signatures to the Declaration of Independence. America was not the first nation to keep a race of enslaved people, nor the first nation to think itself enslaved and rise against its masters. Slavery have been a part of human life through-out time, and many of the ancestors of even the whitest line have been slaves. Rome took slaves by the thousands from the nations of Europe. Greece had slave markets.”

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