Critique of the African-American studies programs at Colleges

African-American Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This is overall critique of the African-American studies programs by a minority.

An opinion paper describing the overall problems with the well-intended but continually lacking African-American Studies departments at America’s institutes of higher learning. The writer is talking from personal experience, being one of these students.
As an African-American student enrolled in a predominantly white institution for higher learning, issues concerning race are an everyday part of my life. Nearly every thought, every action, every ounce of my being is plagued with some reference or association to race. Where can I talk about these issues? Where can I hear what others have to say? In light of the current racial climate, African-politically correct to tackle these issues. But is this right? Race colors all parts of my life. Shouldn’t it be a part of all parts of my curriculum?

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