Buffalo Soldiers

African-American Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An analysis Charles Haid’s movie Buffalo Soldiers.

This is a short review of the film Buffalo soldiers that traces the achievements of the African-American soldiers and the manner in which they were discriminated against.
The African American contribution to the Civil War and the American culture has largely been ignored. This has caused the concept of systemic racism to arise within the American nation that is creating a view of something less than a democratic view of the state. However, there are certain media contributions in the form of films, books and art that suggest that the African American contribution may not be openly acknowledged but in time the effort will be accepted. Buffalo Soldiers is one such film that chronicles the activities of the 10th Cavalry, which in 1880 battled renegade Apaches led by Chief Victorio. Unlike most of the war chronicles its not about Indians vs Cowboys but rather has adept not found in most Western genre films.

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