Portrayal of Women in Media

Advertising / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper discusses how mass media: television, magazines, news programs and the fashion industry affect women today.

This paper is an analysis of how women compare themselves to the female images that are displayed to them today as role models. The author examines the current backlash against feminism today. The paper pays particular attention to body image and the eating disorders that plague so many women as a result of the skeletal models and actresses they perceive as perfection.
“Over the past twenty years women have not been content merely to denounce biases and inequities in the established media. Women have created and used countless alternative and participatory communication channels to support their struggles, defend their rights, promote reflection, diffuse their own forms of representation. This process has made women the primary subjects of struggle and change in communication systems, by developing oppositional and proactive alternatives that influence language, representations and communication technologies.”

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