Kenny Chesney Tour

Who among his fans here would still consider themselves fans? Some have stated that it wouldn’t matter, while others have said that being a musician of the country genre, it would end his career. But no – he’s got tours – 2016 Kenny Chesney Tour.

I’d like to know how his current fans would react. This question is really more about country music listeners in particular than it is about Kenny. (Although, if you think that Kenny fans would for some reason react to such a thing differently than fans of another country music artist, then tell us.)


Well, I’m not big on supporting homosexuality. But I think Ellen DeGenerous is funny, and I didn’t hate her when I found out she was gay. As long as they don’t talk about it all the time I’m okay. I don’t hate anyone, but again I don’t support it.

That being said, I wouldn’t think any more or less of Kenny if he finally comes out of the closet (which I’ve been expecting for years). Then again, I’m not a big fan of his anyway.

As far as his career being over, it would definitely hurt it. Country people tend to be VERY conservative, and I just can’t see them supporting him. And his biggest audience is young women, so once they find out they don’t stand a chance with him he’ll loose them. But, he could pick up a whole new group…farm boys who secretly lust for Kenny Chesney!